Urban Chickens Fact Finding Work Session

Residents packed Council Chambers on August 29th to provide feedback on whether urban chickens should be allowed in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods.

Six groups gave presentations based on their areas of expertise. You can access the presentations here:

Urban Chickens Fact Finding Work Session Graphic
Urban Chickens Fact Finding Work Session
In addition to the information provided during the fact finding work session, the Council has gathered information by phone and email, on social media, and through a poll conducted on Facebook and the Council’s website. Poll results compiled until August 29th at noon are available here.

Chickens are not currently permitted in Ogden, with the very limited exception of legally nonconforming parcels, meaning that chickens have been kept on the land continuously since before zoning ordinances were changed to no longer allow chickens.

Both the Council and the Planning Commission considered the issue in 2009 and 2010, with input from the public received each time. It was discussed again in 2012. 

No action was taken during the fact finding work session.

Following the meeting, the Ogden Chicken Alliance filed a petition requesting the City create an ordinance allowing urban chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods.

The petition will be discussed during an upcoming Planning Commission meeting. Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of each month, and agendas are available on the City's website within 24 hours of a meeting. A public hearing will be held as part of the Planning Commission’s consideration, and there will be additional opportunities for public input during the City Council’s consideration as well. 

The Council typically does not review or provide comment on land use petitions until the Planning Commission submits their recommendation for approval or denial, and then the Council follows its process for consideration.

The Council will consider the information from the Fact Finding Work Session and any information provided by the Planning Commission upon receiving the Planning Commission’s recommendation. 

Urban Chickens Poll Results

(Results were compiled at noon on November 15th. All responses received after have been reviewed by the Council but not included in the data set.)

All Poll Results

Total Responses: 788 (464 from Ogden)
Yes: 689 (386 from Ogden)
No: 79 (62 from Ogden)
Undecided: 20 (16 from Ogden)

*1 response per person counted

Facebook Poll

Total Responses: 591
Yes: 525 (231 from Ogden)
No: 49 (34 from Ogden)
Undecided: 17 (13 from Ogden)

Website Poll

Total Responses: 255
Yes: 215 (196 from Ogden)
No: 36 (32 from Ogden)
Undecided: 4 (All from Ogden)
11-15-17 Urban Chickens Graph Residents
11-15-17 Urban Chickens Graph All

Video from Fact Finding Work Session