General Support Grants for Non-Profit Organization

General Support Grants

General Support Grants offer general support to Ogden City’s established arts organizations which have developed a broad range of programming and have contributed extensively to the cultural life of the city. General Support Grants assist arts organizations with general operating expenses and the continuation or expansion of arts programming for the people of Ogden.


In order to be eligible for a GENERAL SUPPORT GRANT, the applicant must:

• Be a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt arts organization for at least three years, whose primary purpose is arts programming, support, or services.
• Be based in Ogden City.
• Have a record of professional management and programming.
• Show determination to present professional quality arts experiences as evidenced by paid performers, fair honoraria to artists, staff, etc.
• Applicants for General Support are limited to requests of no more than $4,000 or 15% of their preceding year’s total operating budget.
• General Support Grants must be matched with cash on at least a 1:1 ratio. Matching funds may be anticipated at time of application but must be received and obligated by the ending date of the grant as indicated in the application. In kind services and goods may not be used in the match.
• General Support Grants are awarded on a yearly basis. Services must be performed within a twelve-month (grant year) period beginning no earlier than July 1 and ending by June 30 of each year.
• Applicants for General Support must make two free admission tickets available to Ogden City Arts for on-site evaluations of program activity.
• Applicant must submit copy of IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter with application.
• Recipients of other Ogden City Arts Project Grants during the same grant year are ineligible for General Support Grants.
• Only completed forms will be reviewed. Applications submitted that are determined to be incomplete at the time of application may be ruled ineligible for funding.
• 50% of awards will be paid upon approval after the beginning of the fiscal year. All Grantees must submit a final report to receive the final 50% of their Award.